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Rudolf Steiner’s Birthday

Dear Friends,

Today is Rudolf Steiner’s birthday. There is some controversy on whether he was born on February 25, or on February 27th 1861. Either way these next few days is a good time to turn our thoughts, feelings and will impulses toward this individuality.

To the Jesus Being the Three Kings brought Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

What can we bring Rudolf Steiner this year, and increasingly every year, as a worthy gift?

Rudolf Steiner once said that he did not want to be revered but rather he intensely wished to be understood. Because to truly and really understand him is to understand ourselves to Know Ourselves.

So let’s bring him our understanding. Let’s try to better comprehend his intentions, his impulses. Let’s ask the questions that will lead us to “get it”.

It is a worthwhile endeavor. Understanding his work, Anthroposophy, the science of the Spiritual Man, ultimately benefits us ourselves. As the saying goes it

“It helps us to become what we are.”

Ross Rentea MD


New Article on Headache Treatment

We have posted a helpful review of Headache Treatments in our Health Information and Articles Category. Click here to be directed to the article page.