Dear Patients,

All cases and testimonials, stories,  presented here are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent either typical situations or your particular situation. They are unsorted notes, observed cases, etc. just  to give a sense of our clinic and the natural treatments for asthma, colitis, arthritis, depression, and other various conditions. Obviously after being in practice for over 30 years we have had the privileged to encounter many patients who have honored us with their trust. We hope that we have not disappointed too many of them. We believe that the few examples given here do show how much richer therapeutic modalities can be when Human Beings, in their full capacity as creative spiritual beings, work together with Nature and its gifts. 

Clearly all names and specific demographics have been changed to preserve privacy.

Please have a look also at the disclaimer in the Welcome section of the Homepage.

We practice Anthroposophic Medicine, meaning, the most complex form of holistic medicine. AM seeks to always expand on the solid and helpful conventional modalities not just simply or arbitrarily replace them. Over the years we have prescribed primarily potentized (homeopathic) remedies, kinesiology, herbals supplements, meditation and more but we have also not hesitated to introduce more drastic measures like prescription drugs or surgery, etc. if the safety or immediate well being of our patients require it.


 From the work with a particular type of Boswellia (frankincense) remedy. Not all boswellia formulations on the market are good quality. Discuss with us which one is best for you. 

This comment actually applies to many of the supplements we carefully choose for our patients.)

Here are some reactions from people:

Re: Natural treatments for fatigue, digestive problems

  • I’ve been taking your boswellia for two weeks, and what a difference…pretty amazing stuff! Right the next day I experienced a very dramatic increase in energy and the will to ‘get up and get going.’ S.Q., Organic Farmer  (Comment:
  • “All my digestive problems are now gone.! Also extremely helpful for my low back pain and the bursitis in my foot. This was a totally unexpected benefit. I had been taking a different brand of boswellia to treat the digestive issue but when I switched, I experienced a clear additional benefit.” – M.R., therapist
  •  “After four to five days I could really feel the difference in my breathing. Thank you.” – E.G., 48 year old woman
  •  “I feel so much better. I do not need to take naps any more in the afternoon.” – L.E, 84 years old with fatigue
  •  “Truly “Superior”…in fact, no comparison! I noticed specific results and relief within one week! The longer I take it the better I seem to feel.”- M.J., 30 year old arthritic patient
  •  “In spite of medications my colitis was poorly controlled. I had 12-14 bouts of diarrhea daily. Adding Boswellia90™ removed all my bowel spasms and I now have only 2 BM’s daily.”-A.K, 35 year old

Testimonials – unsorted

Re: Natural treatments for chronic conditions

  • Just wanted to let you know how well the Ear Oil works!! I had been blowing my nose for a week, and all of a sudden my right ear started hurting really bad. It was the worst ear pain I can ever remember having had. Per your suggestions I put 3 drops of your recommended all natural ear oil in my ear while tilting my head to the side. Immediately after, I didn’t feel any pain anymore. Just to be sure, I put some more drops in right before bed. I woke up and it was like nothing had ever been wrong with my ear.THANK YOU!!! (PR, 25 year old).
  • Last night my throat hurt so bad I couldn’t even swallow water. I took your throat specific probiotic and my throat felt so much better. Today it’s like nothing happened.(M, 30 year old woman).
  • “With your homeopathic formulas I went to sleep immediately and had better and more vivid dreams. (S, 50 year old man with insomnia)


From the work with a specific Berberine formulation:

  • Several older patients came to us with congestive heart failure. in spite of exhaustive use of conventional therapies they were still very much debilitated and had a so called LVEF test value of 15% (normal around 60-80%). after several weeks on our berberine formula the wellbeing was considerably improved and the LVEF had gone to 45%.
  • Several patients with sugar control problems (diabetes type II) and metabolic syndrome (among other problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure) noticed a dramatic improvement in their sugar and blood fats levels in six weeks or so of  treatment. One 85 year old patient saw his glucose lowered from 225 to 150; another from 250 to 145. All conventional medications could be discontinued.    LDL Cholesterol levels frequently are reduced  20-30 %.
  • Berberine eliminated the burning feeling in the feet of an 87 year old patient.

From the work with liquid potentized gem stones:

  • Several patients with knee osteoarthritis saw major improvements in mobility and absence of pain after just some weeks on the potentized gem stone chalcedony.
  • a patient reported the astonishment of her ophthalmologist at the improvement of her visual function after taking the potentized gem stone Chrysolith.

From the work with children “difficult to handle in class”:

  • A 12 year old girl is seen in the clinic for “anger, rage and frustration in school”. All symptoms controlled with a combination of the anthroposophic/homeopathic remedies Aurum metallicum 30x, Juglans regia 30x and Ren Pentas.

From the work with Mood disorders:

  • we have had success in treating anxiety, bipolar mood swings, stress and nervousness with Lycopodium 30x, Plumbum 30x, Phosphor 30x, Silicea 30x, Equisetum ticntures or tea; and more.

From the work with cancer patients.

We specialize in treatments with Iscador, a European mistletoe formulation that has been extensively studied both clinically and in the laboratory. (In his younger years, as a medical student,  Dr. Ross Rentea published a research paper on Iscador based on wok done at the University of Chicago)  :

  • A very spectacular case (sadly not the rule): a 20 year old woman with ovarian cancer given 6 months to live was treated with Iscador and our other anthroposophic remedies and still alive today 20 plus years later.
  • A 50 year old gentleman with brain tumor given 1 year expected survival time still doing well at 11 year follow up.

From the work with Women’s Concerns:

  • 80 year old woman reports steady improvement in her bone density with our specialized calcium and Vitamin D formulas. similar improvements had not been seen with conventional therapies.
  • our female patients consistently report significant symptomatic improvements with our Women’s Energy and our Breast protect formulas.

Other Cases:

  • A 30 year old man diagnosed with knee swelling and pain was told that the only solution to his pain and discomfort was to “stay off of it when it’s hurting”.  He was first given Vicodin (!) for the pain and then switched to Percocet(!). The discomfort improved with warmer weather but became worse again with colder weather. Driving was an issue because of the discomfort centered around the right knee. With our cartilage supplement and our arnica cream after two days his pain was COMPLETELY gone.  He remained essentially pain free.

Many more stories could be told but we hope you get sense that much more is possible than is generally assumed. There is always more Hope and Help than we are generally led to believe.  

We feel a profound sense of happiness for those whose problems resolved and they are now healthier and more fulfilled than they were before.  We share their joy. We equally share a sense of grief with those whose destiny or the general state of the medical art did not allow them the improvement they expected.

We would be very grateful for your feedback.

We continuously try to improve and grow with our patients, and for our patients!