Vitamin D and Light Ether!


  • This is a personal and not so personal account;
  • You need minimum 50 ng/ml by laboratory test;
  • We recommend the True Botanica co. Vitamin D Plus

In the course of a general checkup I recently did a blood test on myself. I was more than surprised to find that my Vitamin D 25OH level was only 13.7 ng/ml(!) – with the laboratory range for normal values at 30.0-96.0 ng/ml.

It is probably well known to most how important an abundant supply of vitamin D is. There is essentially no function in the body that is not positively affected by this vitamin (mood improvement, sugar control, bone health, immune support, and more .

Aside from the overwhelming conventional scientific studies this is not surprising also from a spiritual scientific viewpoint since vitamin D is the physical representation of the Light Ether, one of the crucial four ethers of our life body. No wonder that one of the main sources of vitamin D is the effect of sun light on our physiology.

In my case I thought that I had adequate amount of exposure to sun light. I thought that my nutrition contained enough of the vitamin rich foods. And yet still my body demanded more.

How much more of a problem this must be for people who choose to not expose themselves to sun light; who choose to not eat certain foods or do not have the means to do so; or whose life conditions forces them to be physically more in the dark than they would like to be or even whose life’s stresses cause a “darkness” in their soul-ultimately affecting the body.

True Botanica’s Vitamin D Plus ™ supplementation might help!

It contains not only the preferred cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3), 2000 IU/serving, , but also the ingredient dioscorea batatas, a plant root of which Rudolf Steiner explained that it is the only plant that can store Light Ether in its root. Additionally, we have also included in the formula a number of essential trace minerals and Bioperine, a black pepper extract, both of which significantly enhance absorption!

This supplement has helped a lot of our patients (and especially a large number of those who saw no increase in their vitamin D blood level even after taking vitamin D from other commercial suppliers.)

I hope it will help me too.

Incidentally, I insist with my patients, and I recommend to the readers of this email the same, that the minimum laboratory level be 50ng/ml not the accepted 30ng/ml. This level needs to be explained in another place. Occasionally patients will come in with levels that are considerably above the normal range. That is not necessarily advantageous or safe either. The guidance of a doctor is important.

Our colleague Dr. Mark Kamsler, pediatrician in faraway Wisconsin, tells us that he is using the same approx. range for children as for adults (in his case he prefers 50-70 ng/ml. Incidentally, apparently in Wisconsin a considerably large children’s population has levels of 20ng/ml or lower.)

Get yourself tested. Take the supplement if you need to. Let us know how it is working for you?!

You can see more info here

In best health yours,

Ross Rentea MD

Cartilage Plus – Why, When

Andrea and I have had great success with this cartilage supplement. It helps alleviate joint problems of many kinds.

Interestingly it also seems extremely beneficial in many so called autoimmune conditions.

Distinct formula features:

  1. Cartilage UC-II has been proven in independent studies to improve knee joint extension
  2. Our formula contains potentized Stannum (tin), a metal well known in anthroposophical medicine to support all connective tissues.

For more product info please go to True Botanica

For more general info see Kolisko Institute

Ginger Reduces Painful Periods

According to recent data up to 90% of young women report that they are suffering from painful menstrual periods*.

For those not willing to take the conventionally prescribed medication (or not able to tolerate it) ginger seems to be an effective alternative.

The recommended dosing is 750mg-2,000mg in three daily divided doses for the first three to four days of the menstrual cycle.

The True Botanica Ginger Plus capsules have proven very beneficial in this and other inflammatory complaints. Since our capsules contain 500mg each, the effective dose can be easily reached.

There are many unique features to the TB formula that make it more desirable than the other ginger products available on the market. We have noted a more warming effect besides the pain relieving action.

To get more information please go to the Kolisko website here.

For the product website click here.

 (*Pain Med.2015Dec; 16(12):2243-55 in “Dysmenorrhea and Ginger”,, 3/15/2017)

Chronic Insomnia in Perimenopause

I want to talk today about a problem that can be both annoying and potentially damaging: Chronic Insomnia in Perimenopause. It turns out that one can be sleepless not only in Seattle but also in those years that are the transition between full menopause and the time just before it.

I had an interesting encounter with a patient recently, a brief story that I would like to share here. This 70-year-old pleasant lady and started several months ago to have renewed hot flashes, some shortness of breath and occasional sweats. Her major problem however was a very unsatisfactory sleep experience with frequent wakings and difficult in falling back asleep again. After unsuccessfully trying other natural remedies I suggested to her Women’s Plus™ from True Botanica. She reported that within 48 hours of starting the supplements her sleep improved to the extent that she was able to have a full rest for seven hours uninterrupted. Her other symptoms also disappeared nearly completely.

This experience dovetails with the findings of a new study, referenced in the November 2015 issue of Family Practice News, which showed an alarmingly high incidence of chronic insomnia in women in their perimenopausal years. More than a third of all women in the stage of midlife transition were reported to have difficulty either falling asleep, or having nighttime wakings or early-morning wakings. This study reported that women who were heavier, older, or depressed, as well as those having night sweats, were all more likely to suffer from insomnia. Interestingly enough other factors that did not influence insomnia included marital status, tobacco or alcohol use, race/ethnicity, social economic status, and many accompanying illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

Rudolf Steiner and predicted already in the early 1920s that insomnia was going to increase to epidemic proportions in the decades to come. One of the suggestions to improve this difficulty was to use various herbal ashes. The root ashes of the pueraria herb are particularly suited for the women whose difficulty we are discussing here.

The process of obtaining the ashes is similar, at the plant level, to the process that is needed in order to fall asleep: just as the fire separates the imponderables (oils, fragrance, aromas, etc) from the ponderables (the woody portions and more) in the plant, so does the soul separate itself helped by the “fire of the Ego” from the physical and the etheric body. This separation (sleep state) of course then helps the normal restorative processes that maintain health.

Ross Rentea MD

Cancer treatment with Iscador at our clinic

We have been treating cancer patients in the clinic since 1983.

Our protocols have changed through the years- in keeping up with the advances in conventional and complementary medicine. The progress in the treatment of cancer with natural/complementary methods has been astonishing indeed.

We certainly pay attention first to a detailed history, physical exam and work- up to make sure that we are working with a correct diagnosis. We discuss a variety of means like supplements, nutrition and more complicated protocols like copper elimination, vitamin C infusions, and more.

Here I want to draw particular attention to our use of Iscador (in the US known as Iscar), a mistletoe (Viscum album) extract.

We have been impressed with the Iscador protocols even before opening the clinic. Iscador is one of the best studied adjunct therapies in cancer treatment. Dr. Ross Rentea is the only US based anthroposophical medical doctor prescribing Iscador that has also done research on this substance (at the University of Chicago).

We give detailed instructions on the use of Iscador at the appointment time. The therapy needs to be individualized carefully.

For more information please go to main cancer page  click here

Ross Rentea MD

What do I do in my spare time…

Dear Patients, Dear Friends,

When I am not at the office seeing patients I engage in medical research meant to improve the remedies which we all need to become truly healthy. I do this research at the Lili Kolisko Institute, an institution devoted to research and education toward a more comprehensive, spiritual and holistic (anthroposophic) medicine. Incidentally, I could have never achieved this without the faithful support of Andrea, whom I want to thank here again.

We would really appreciate it if you would join us in supporting the Kolisko Institute, and help us to be able to continue this vital research.

Our research has very significant immediate results – not to mention the long term benefits. This research has resulted in over 150 new remedies that have already benefited many people in their search for better health or in overcoming a disease.

To read more about the Institute, its wonderful co-workers, our activities and more please go to  Please have a look at a “Brief Report and Appeal” and determine if you could make a donation to keep this work alive.

Even the smallest amount is highly significant. All donations are tax deductible. The Institute is a a not for profit 501 (c) 3 organization.

Thank you!


Health Benefits of Ginger

The Many Health Benefits of Ginger

The rhizome (root) of ginger (Zingiber officinale) is an important kitchen spice,
but did you know it also possesses a myriad of health benefits?

The rhizomes have been used since antiquity in the various traditional systems of medicine to treat:

  • arthritis, rheumatism, sprains, muscular aches, pains,
  • sore throats,
  • cramps,
  • hypertension,
  • dementia,
  • fever,
  • infectious diseases,
  • catarrh,
  • nervous diseases,
  • gingivitis, toothache,
  • asthma,
  • stroke
  • diabetes.
  • gastric ailments like constipation, dyspepsia, belching, bloating, gastritis, epigastric discomfort, gastric ulcerations, indigestion, nausea and vomiting (24) (click link below for references)

Click here for an excellent review of ginger health benefits.

Click here for additional recent literature research papers and references.

Is Broccoli Good For You?

Benefits of Broccoli:

Broccolis, belonging to the cruciferous family of plants, have long been known to have extensive health benefits – due especially to sulfur containing compounds that can detoxify the body. These so called glucosinolates are known as chemoprotective agents since, among other functions, they reduce the presence of carcinogens in the body. Of immediate concerns are cigarette smoke, alcohol, synthetic and naturally occurring carcinogens, radiation, drugs, infectious agents and more. A less than ideal diet can provide numerous carcinogenic substances (grilled meat!, etc) on a daily basis. Studies have shown that a diet including very high levels of yellow and green vegetables especially of the cruciferous family reduce the risk of developing various organ cancers. Since getting a daily supply of the crucial vegetables is not always possible, or if more than a minimal amount is desired, having a daily supplement of the active detoxifying broccoli substances is clearly very important.  Broccoli Plus is a true nutritional supplement that can significantly enhance the quality of your daily diet.

So, yes, especially a broccoli supplement is essential for your health considering how polluted and toxic our environment is.

To find out more, benefits, mechanism of action, etc, please see the broccoli articles in the detox section.

There are several decent broccoli extract products on the market but we would recommend the True Botanica one as being the most “full spectrum” and logically designed.

The Miracle of Tocotrienols

Tocotrienols are a portion of the Vitamin E complex.

They are amazingly beneficial!

When given in sufficient amounts, here are what studies found they can do for us:

Benefits of Tocotrienols :

1.  Reduce atherogenic plaques and plaque ruptures;
2.  Reduce carotid artery stenosis in 4 year human study;
3.  Reduce triglycerides and LDL (potent HMG reductase inhibitor);
4.  Suppress melanoma, prostate, breast, pancreatic cancer cells;
5.  Highly anti-inflammatory;
6.  Important in Eye and nervous system health;
7.  Highly anti-oxidant.

Best source of tocotrienols are the annatto fruits.

Suggested daily dose: 200-250mg


1.  Most vitamin E in commerce is synthetic and excludes or minimizes the “good tocotrienols” in favor of the so called tocopherols (“bad vitamin E”);
2.  92% of all Americans do not even get enough of the minimum recommended daily amounts of total vitamin E, let alone enough of the “good tocotrienols.”
3.  Many of the popularized studies are manipulated to show detriments to vitamin E intake in the form of supplements. An example would be retrospective analyses excluding studies where no deaths occurred?!
4.  Tocopherols:
a. block absorption of tocotrienols;
b. block cholesterol reduction;
c. lessen cancer inhibition;

There are multiple sources of tocotreinols. However, we recommend the two True Botanica products:

Breast Protect Plus™

Prostate Complex™

The composition of these formulas is not only containing the mentioned essential tocotreinols but has other ingredients specifically targeting men’s and women’s concerns.