Hawthorn Plus

We want to recommend the new Hawthorn Plus™ from the True Botanica company – now in an easy to swallow capsule format.

Hawthorn benefits:

  • Supports the heart, invigorates the cardiovascular system (an often overlooked cause of fatigue)!
  • Supports a healthy liver;
  • Lessens overall anxiety.

The special features of this formula are:

  • It contains organic Hawthorn berries;
  • It contains the Hawthorn root and the native salts and ashes of the root.
    Including the native salts and ashes of the root into the final product is one of the cardinal enhancements that distinguish the True Botanica formulas. The salts and ashes of the root not only make the preparation truly “full spectrum,” but, according to an indication of Rudolf Steiner, also enhances the spiritual/energetic Sun quality of the preparation.
    Clearly, especially when we are talking about the heart, the “sunny” quality is a much desired quality.
  • More than any other preparation the formulas made from berries and seeds benefit the heart and circulation. This is emphasized by Rudolf Steiner.

Find more information on the True Botanica website www.truebotanica.com

Aurum Cream for Heart Health

Anthroposophic medicine uses the connection between the heart, the sun and the sun forces expressed in gold (Latin = aurum) in order to:

  • Strengthen the heart,
  • Fight heart anxiety,
  • Improve heart conditions,
  • Balance the forces of the nervous system (above the heart) and
  • Balance the forces of the metabolism (which lie below the heart).

We recommend a cream with potentized gold, such as True Botanica’s Aurum Cream, that does not contain parabens, petrolatum or other damaging additives. Among others it has proven especially beneficial in its calming effects before going to sleep.

Apply sparingly over the left side of the chest in the heart area.

Berberine and Heart Failure

An interesting article showing the connection between berberine and congestive heart failure. Note the importance of a good quality supplement in order to achieve relevant blood levels. Here is a portion of the abstract from the study:

It has been reported that berberine is valuable for long-term treatment of ventricular premature beats (VPBs) and leads to a decrease in mortality for patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). In order to improve its therapeutic value and reduce its side effects, it is necessary to study the relationship between its activity and plasma concentration in patients with CHF. Patients with CHF were treated with conventional therapy for 2 weeks. Immediately after the data from a dynamic electrocardiogram (DCG) and left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) were obtained, 1.2 g/day of oral berberine was given. After 2 weeks of berberine therapy, the DCG data and LVEF were reassessed and the plasma berberine concentration was measured by HPLC. Plasma samples were pretreated by extraction with chloroform. The decrease in frequency and complexity of VPBs and the increase in LVEF in patients with plasma berberine concentrations higher than 0.11 mg/L (n = 31, group B) were more significant than at concentrations lower than 0.11 mg/L (p < 0.01 vs p < 0.05).

Xiangji et al, Relationship between the clinical effects of berberine on severe congestive heart failure and its concentration in plasma studied by HPLC, Biomed. Chromatogr. 13: 442–444 (1999)