Is Broccoli Good For You?

Benefits of Broccoli:

Broccolis, belonging to the cruciferous family of plants, have long been known to have extensive health benefits – due especially to sulfur containing compounds that can detoxify the body. These so called glucosinolates are known as chemoprotective agents since, among other functions, they reduce the presence of carcinogens in the body. Of immediate concerns are cigarette smoke, alcohol, synthetic and naturally occurring carcinogens, radiation, drugs, infectious agents and more. A less than ideal diet can provide numerous carcinogenic substances (grilled meat!, etc) on a daily basis. Studies have shown that a diet including very high levels of yellow and green vegetables especially of the cruciferous family reduce the risk of developing various organ cancers. Since getting a daily supply of the crucial vegetables is not always possible, or if more than a minimal amount is desired, having a daily supplement of the active detoxifying broccoli substances is clearly very important.  Broccoli Plus is a true nutritional supplement that can significantly enhance the quality of your daily diet.

So, yes, especially a broccoli supplement is essential for your health considering how polluted and toxic our environment is.

To find out more, benefits, mechanism of action, etc, please see the broccoli articles in the detox section.

There are several decent broccoli extract products on the market but we would recommend the True Botanica one as being the most “full spectrum” and logically designed.