Foot Massage for Migraines, Thyroid Health, and Fatigue

An Integral Part of Anthroposophic Therapeutics

Reflexology has been successfully practiced due to the understanding that all organs are projected on the foot sole.

Massaging the foot can have a significantly invigorating effect on the whole body. An evening foot massage can restore a lot of the energy that is lost during the day. Rudolf Steiner recommends foot massage, for example, in migraines as a means of attracting the astral body to the region opposite the head and decongesting the affected area.

He recommends the massage of the heel in thyroid disorders. He gives, of course, innumerable indications for the feet in the practice of eurythmy. Overall the feet may affect the health of the entire body just by how they affect the position and function of the spinal column.

A favorite product we use and recommend is True Botanica’s Refreshing Foot Cream™. It uniquely contains jasper (the gem stones corresponding to the feet), boswellia (the frankincense resin that is healing to the skin), anti- inflammatory oils, etc., without any damaging additives.

Give it a try for your health or to overcome tiredness!

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