Mental Alertness, Retention and Vitality!

True Botanica’s Vital Mind

– An Anthroposophic Answer –

This formula has already benefited numerous patients and True Botanica customers.

It contains:

  • Pure Wisconsin ginseng – highest world quality!
  • Salts and minerals derived from the ginseng root – to include the ashes of the root extract is a vital indication of Rudolf Steiner; it brings the sun forces into the root;
  • Special gemstone derived minerals specific to the consciousness processes;
  • A potent choline form – the substance is frequently missing from our diet.

The full concept for vitalizing your mind consists of taking this product (Vital Mind AM) in the morning while taking the accompanying formula, Vital Mind PM, in the evening (for increasing blood circulation to the nervous system and improving brain metabolism).

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Brain “Fog” – A New, Natural – Anthroposophic Way to Help

Brain Fog – a new anthroposophic way to help!

We all know the feeling: the evening comes, we are tired and we have difficulty concentrating; or after the all too big lunch (or any meal) and we can barely keep the head up- let alone have the crisp mind for mental activity.

Even worse this condition can be nearly permanent in some people!

To help with this “state of mind” we need to understand some basic physiology from an anthroposophic point of view first. These insights were given by Rudolf Steiner in a lecture on the 3.22.1923.

During eating the digestive process gets activated and the etheric, life forces in the intestines become stronger. Additionally, an etheric image is generated by the plant product that has just been consumed. (It is similar with eating animal foods.) However, whatever excess activity has been generated in the metabolism is usually neutralized within a day or so.

Very importantly, however, while this is going on in the lower organism a “negative” is also created automatically in the upper organism, in the brain.

That is the rule for regular edible plants. A poisonous plant though has an additional element in this configuration. The poison is of an “astral”, soul like nature, normally seen only in animals but not “appropriate” in herbs and thus of more significant consequence. When we consume such a plant a much stronger form results in the intestine and the form does not get cleared so rapidly. It lingers much longer. The same goes for the “negative” created in the brain. It remains there much longer also. It also adds an additional “astrality”, soul quality, and yes, awakeness in the mind.

If this process is repeated over and over, an overcoming of the “foggy” mind, an overcoming of the mere “vegging”, numb, out of focus feeling, is achieved.

The most important medicinal plant that is helpful in this respect is Hyoscyamus niger- black henbane.

it can be taken as an over the counter homeopathically potentized (diluted) natural remedy called then “Hyoscyamus 6x”. It is usually taken several times a day, throughout a longer period of time. It can have a greatly beneficial effect in this respect. (The same in a slightly different way can be accomplished with Belladonna.)  Several companies make a similar remedy but we would recommend the one made by the True Botanica Company since they actually verify that the potency they claim is in the bottle is actually active.