The Miracle of Tocotrienols

Tocotrienols are a portion of the Vitamin E complex.

They are amazingly beneficial!

When given in sufficient amounts, here are what studies found they can do for us:

Benefits of Tocotrienols :

1.  Reduce atherogenic plaques and plaque ruptures;
2.  Reduce carotid artery stenosis in 4 year human study;
3.  Reduce triglycerides and LDL (potent HMG reductase inhibitor);
4.  Suppress melanoma, prostate, breast, pancreatic cancer cells;
5.  Highly anti-inflammatory;
6.  Important in Eye and nervous system health;
7.  Highly anti-oxidant.

Best source of tocotrienols are the annatto fruits.

Suggested daily dose: 200-250mg


1.  Most vitamin E in commerce is synthetic and excludes or minimizes the “good tocotrienols” in favor of the so called tocopherols (“bad vitamin E”);
2.  92% of all Americans do not even get enough of the minimum recommended daily amounts of total vitamin E, let alone enough of the “good tocotrienols.”
3.  Many of the popularized studies are manipulated to show detriments to vitamin E intake in the form of supplements. An example would be retrospective analyses excluding studies where no deaths occurred?!
4.  Tocopherols:
a. block absorption of tocotrienols;
b. block cholesterol reduction;
c. lessen cancer inhibition;

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