New uses for Mistletoe-Viscum album 25X

The newly offered Mistletoe – Viscum album 25X –  has several major applications in cancer, depression, as an anti-inflammatory remedy, in autoimmune conditions, countering depression and more.

Viscum album has been used in injectable form for nearly 80 years as a much studied remedy to combat cancer. The most common use has been as a very concentrated solution: 1%, 10%, etc., or in the form of very low potencies such as 6X, and similar. Higher potencies have been recommended by a few European doctors especially for psychosomatic complaints or for improving inflammatory conditions.

However, sometimes the injection practice is unacceptable or contra-indicated. When f. ex. children with cancers need to be treated with mistletoe parents may object when the child is experiencing the repeated injections as traumatic. Adults on occasion have needle phobias or have difficulty self administering the injections. In these cases we have asked that the injection content be placed under the tongue. It is  hoped that from the fine blood vessels under the tongue the mistletoe reaches the body as though it was given directly into the blood as would happen with an injection. This can be problematic if the patient does not keep the content long enough in their mouth.

In homeopathy potentized forms of oral mistletoe have been used for a long time. The uses have been different from the ones of anthroposophic medicine. The homeopathic uses have gone more into the direction of controlling high blood pressure, seizure disorders and more.

In the case of the use of homeopathic/high potencies the problem has been the question of which potency to use for which condition.

Due to the research at the Kolisko Institute where the Kolisko Validation process was developed it was determined that the 25th potency of mistletoe has a very strong inhibiting effect on the life forces. (For more information on this testing method please go to

In cancer as well the life forces gain an uncontrolled independence in the body (very briefly put). This makes the new oral mistletoe, Viscum album (quercus autumnale) 25X  from True Botanica ( a great choice for an augmented cancer therapy.

A similar situation can occur in arthritis where inflammation is noted. Consequently this formula can also be used for anti inflammatory purposes.

the mistletoe plant has several interesting characteristics. It bears fruit around Christmas time i. e. in the winter, a phenomenon that is opposite to the normal process of flowering and fruiting in the summer. It has in other words the ability to oppose the cold, dark winter forces and bringing warmth and light into that barren time.

This can be used as an image to understand the effect of a high potency mistletoe on brightening the mood in certain conditions.