Dear Patients,

We make conscious efforts to keep your medical costs as low as possible.

While the time we spend with our patients is clearly much longer than you may have encountered at other specialists our fees are much lower than those of other specialists!

The medical practice operates essentially as a fee for service practice, except that we accept Medicare. Invoices for the visit may be submitted to the insurance. Reimbursement for the consultations depends on your insurance.

Supplements and other items purchased at the clinic are usually not covered.

Payments or co-pays are expected at the time of service.

Details below may change without prior notice.

Consultation fees may change depending on the complexity of the issues involved, or if appropriate on the length of time required etc.

For specific situations please discuss details with the staff.

Please regard the information below as a guide only:

New patient appointments ………..…..$150-  $250.00

  • (Depending on the complexity of the situation/work involved).
  • The appointment can vary in time from ½ hour to 1 hour.
  • Appointments requiring longer times are charged at a higher rate.
  • The charge covers only the visit at the office  and does not cover any additional laboratory tests or supplements the doctors may recommend.  If you have an insurance carrier other than Medicare you can request the Doctor to write out any laboratory test orders as a prescription that you can take to a hospital or laboratory that accepts your insurance.
  • These charges apply also for new patient consultations that are done on the phone

Follow –up visits ……………………………$25-$125

  • (depending on length of time and complexity of the problem).
  • The appointment can vary in time up to  ½ hour.

Telephone consultations ……………….$25 – $125

(Depending on length of time and complexity of the problem.)

There is no charge for a “quick follow up” phone question related to a just occured appointment.Medicare does not cover any telephone conversations. We currently only submit insurance charges for/to Medicare.  If you have any other insurance full payment will be expected at the time of your visit. We will then give you a receipt with all the codes on it needed to submit it directly to your own insurance which you will be responsible for.  Your insurance company will reimburse you directly but you will need to discuss with your insurance company what percentage they cover for out of network Physicians.If you have Medicare primary insurance please remember to have your Medicare card with you or you will be responsible for the full payment which will only be reimbursed to you when we receive a copy of your Medicare card.  If you have any secondary insurance please also bring that card with you or you will be responsible for the 20 % not covered by Medicare.  If you do not have a secondary insurance you will be expected to pay your 20 % portion at the time of your office visit.

Home visits are possible after prior arrangements.