Practice Services

The Paulina Medical Clinic is dedicated to, and specializes in, an integrative, holistic family medicine.

We provide medical care for both acute and chronic health conditions. We wish to offer services to individuals (adults and children) who desire to complement or replace their conventional treatments with more natural, and holistic/anthroposophic modalities.

Diagnosis and Evaluation are based on:

  • A rigorous history and physical exam;
  • Comprehensive laboratory test, such as:
  • Comprehensive profile of the blood; cholesterol and lipid profiles; trace minerals, etc;
  • Specialized non -invasive cardiovascular testing;
  • Hormonal assessment;
  • Immune system evaluation;
  • Comprehensive digestive function testing;
  • Neurotransmitter measurements; and more as needed.

Therapies include a broad range of modalities:

  • Novel, “Validated” homeopathic medicine in Chicago; Anthroposophic medicine in Chicago – and their corresponding remedies;
  • Special nutritional supplements based on the latest insights of functional medicine and anthroposophic medicine;
  • Bio-identical hormone therapy;
  •  Novel exercises called Eurythmy
  • Individualized Injections and IV’s (intravenous infusions currently do not include IV chelation);
  • Of course, the full range of conventional allopathic diagnostic, referrals services and medication prescriptions, etc are available should they be needed.

Patient Portal:  A patient internet portal is intended for the second half of 2014. The portal will comply with all healthcare privacy rules and will have a limited but helpful role for some practice communications.  We can then securely send some care information to you when appropriate and can also send more general office announcements.  In future, the ability to fill out forms ahead of time and patient scheduling may also become available via the portal.  We encourage all patients/families to provide even now, but certainly after July 1st 2014, an email address if available to allow access to this service.

Paulina Medical Clinic