New Algae Product from True Botanica

A new algae product from True Botanica!

This is a significant formula called Algae Plus that we recommend. It contains Spirulina, Astaxanthin and Phycocyanin!

It also contains the only organic Spirulina to be certified by the the US Pharmacopeia.

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Here is just a sample of benefits:

  • For learning challenged children;
  • General low vitality;
  • Detox;
  • Eye, brain, cardio protective;
  • Stem cell growth promotion;
  • Strong antioxidant – 500 times stronger than Vitamin E
  • Accelerates recovery from exercise;
  • Curbs hunger;
  • Kidney health;

#1 of “5 Foods that can add years to your life”
(Ranked by AARP Magazine Sept/Oct 2006 issue)

Mental Alertness, Retention and Vitality!

True Botanica’s Vital Mind

– An Anthroposophic Answer –

This formula has already benefited numerous patients and True Botanica customers.

It contains:

  • Pure Wisconsin ginseng – highest world quality!
  • Salts and minerals derived from the ginseng root – to include the ashes of the root extract is a vital indication of Rudolf Steiner; it brings the sun forces into the root;
  • Special gemstone derived minerals specific to the consciousness processes;
  • A potent choline form – the substance is frequently missing from our diet.

The full concept for vitalizing your mind consists of taking this product (Vital Mind AM) in the morning while taking the accompanying formula, Vital Mind PM, in the evening (for increasing blood circulation to the nervous system and improving brain metabolism).

Aurum Cream for Heart Health

Anthroposophic medicine uses the connection between the heart, the sun and the sun forces expressed in gold (Latin = aurum) in order to:

  • Strengthen the heart,
  • Fight heart anxiety,
  • Improve heart conditions,
  • Balance the forces of the nervous system (above the heart) and
  • Balance the forces of the metabolism (which lie below the heart).

We recommend a cream with potentized gold, such as True Botanica’s Aurum Cream, that does not contain parabens, petrolatum or other damaging additives. Among others it has proven especially beneficial in its calming effects before going to sleep.

Apply sparingly over the left side of the chest in the heart area.

Nervous Exhaustion

Nervous Exhaustion?

We have been very successful with the root of the Winter Cherry (also known as Withania, Ashwaganda, Indian Ginseng) for helping with this kind of fatigue.

The Winter Cherry can be helpful in:

  • Nervous exhaustion;
  • Tonic for all ages: from young athletes to the elderly;
  • Recovering from illnesses;
  • Increases resistance to cold stress;
  • Supports the adrenal gland to keep the cortisol level stable;

We have found True Botanica’s Recovery Tonic especially helpful because their formula has the unique feature of including not just the root extract, but also the native salts of the root, additional potentized minerals for strengthening the adrenal gland and Bioperine to further improve absorption.

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