Cancer treatment with Iscador at our clinic

We have been treating cancer patients in the clinic since 1983.

Our protocols have changed through the years- in keeping up with the advances in conventional and complementary medicine. The progress in the treatment of cancer with natural/complementary methods has been astonishing indeed.

We certainly pay attention first to a detailed history, physical exam and work- up to make sure that we are working with a correct diagnosis. We discuss a variety of means like supplements, nutrition and more complicated protocols like copper elimination, vitamin C infusions, and more.

Here I want to draw particular attention to our use of Iscador (in the US known as Iscar), a mistletoe (Viscum album) extract.

We have been impressed with the Iscador protocols even before opening the clinic. Iscador is one of the best studied adjunct therapies in cancer treatment. Dr. Ross Rentea is the only US based anthroposophical medical doctor prescribing Iscador that has also done research on this substance (at the University of Chicago).

We give detailed instructions on the use of Iscador at the appointment time. The therapy needs to be individualized carefully.

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Ross Rentea MD