Ginger Reduces Painful Periods

According to recent data up to 90% of young women report that they are suffering from painful menstrual periods*.

For those not willing to take the conventionally prescribed medication (or not able to tolerate it) ginger seems to be an effective alternative.

The recommended dosing is 750mg-2,000mg in three daily divided doses for the first three to four days of the menstrual cycle.

The True Botanica Ginger Plus capsules have proven very beneficial in this and other inflammatory complaints. Since our capsules contain 500mg each, the effective dose can be easily reached.

There are many unique features to the TB formula that make it more desirable than the other ginger products available on the market. We have noted a more warming effect besides the pain relieving action.

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 (*Pain Med.2015Dec; 16(12):2243-55 in “Dysmenorrhea and Ginger”,, 3/15/2017)